Microwave ovens

Smeg microwave ovens are available in a number of different aesthetic designs and sizes to accomodate your kitchen layout and co-ordinate with other built-in appliances. 

Microwaves with ceramic base

The unique ceramic coating on the base of the oven allows the entire cavity to be used, including the base!  Food can therefore be cooked more evenly with less energy consumed.

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Inverter technology

The MOE34 freestanding microwave uses Inverter technology to provide continuous and precise temperature control, so it is possible to cook and defrost food in a more gradual and consistent way, producing a difference you can really taste!

With no abrupt temperature peaks, accurate temperature control ensures nutrients and vitamins are preserved. The continuous flow of microwaves speeds up cooking, defrosting and re-heating programmes, making this microwave approximately 30% quicker than a standard machine.

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