Made In Italy

A question of style

Each Smeg collection offers a distinct aesthetic, choice of layouts & specifications to suit your preferences and needs.

Clean lines and rigorous logic

Which translate into the pleasure of living and working in a well-organised, functional and yet not austere kitchen. When everything is ready to hand, perfectly aligned, you can make the most of your space. This is the narrative of the Linea collection: rationality and desire.

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The details that make the difference

It's the details that make the difference - and that's not a cliché. Dolce Stil Novo is our most innovative collection, in term of both beauty and technology. Everything you could wish for is set out in black glass finished in copper and steel, to fill any space harmoniously. And it certainly won't pass unobserved.

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Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Aesthetic Line

Kitchen as lifestyle

Stainless steel combines with handles designed by architect Guido Canali in the Classic collection, making the most of traditional values with tomorrow's technology.

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Sitting around a table with your family and friends

The Portofino collection is as colourful as the renowned Ligurian harbour with its multi-coloured houses, ready to set off across the ocean to wherever friends and family want to share and relax in company. The oven can easily handle more than one pizza at a time, so no-one is left waiting their turn.

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The English countryside breathes in the kitchen

The shades of autumn leaves and the brilliant green of spring are just outside the window of this large and perfectly equipped kitchen: the soft rounded forms of the Victoria collection perfectly complement the classic kitchen with gas or induction cooktop, oven and refrigerator.

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Smeg Linea Aesthetic Line

Colour and design

Colour and design: when the soft lines of 50’s Style set the tone in the kitchen, the living room and throughout the home, everything is lit by a new light. A non-conformist, versatile and generous collection, capable of resolving any challenge, transforms the company's identity into desire, sensations and ideas. A standard bearer for the Made in Italy brand worldwide.

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