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Finding the perfect fridge freezer

Let us simplify the process of buying a fridge or freezer for you home.

A fridge is often the focal point of the kitchen and in the space of ‘all things food’, it is arguably one of the most important electrical appliances in the room. From ensuring your food is kept fresh and safe to eat, to keeping your favourite drinks cool, it’s certainly an item that needs some pre-purchase research and consideration.

Let us simplify this process for you by helping to identify the fridge for you. This guide explains everything you need to know to ensure you select the best model for you.


This is a fundamental question, as it will impact on your choice of appliance considerably. You need to think about whether you want just a fridge or both a fridge and a freezer. If both, are they one appliance or two stand alone units? Could an icebox suffice for your freezer needs or do you require a 50/50 split? Smeg offers fridges and freezers individually or in a combination of splits, giving flexibility dependent on your situation. To enhance flexibility even further our four-door fridge freezers have a convertible compartment which can be fridge or become a freezer dependent on which groceries you’ve bought that week!


The decision whether to go freestanding or integrated depends entirely on your available space and kitchen style. Many modern kitchens use integrated solutions as this maximises every available bit of space and conceals appliances behind built-in furniture. When considering integrated, there are many options, including under counter separates, combined fridge freezer units and even individual tall fridges and freezers. For example, models such as the UKS8L1721F and UKS8F174NF are designed to be fitted into a tall housing unit and can be positioned side by side in order to create a large refrigeration space that maximizes food storage capabilities.

In a more spacious kitchen, you may have the space to place a freestanding appliance, such as a large french/4 door design or a retro fridge for the ultimate statement.


Once you’ve decided on the how you plan to use the fridge and which space in the kitchen you should place it, the next thing to consider is, what kind of style statement do you want to make? A freestanding model allows the appliance to make the statement whereas, an integrated relies on the kitchen furniture to make the impact. Smeg and style are intrinsically linked; we have always produced functional and beautiful products. If you want a model that will add a touch of vibrancy and personality to the room, then one of our iconic 50’s retro range might be best for you. From the petite FAB5 mini bar to the spacious FAB50 fridge freezer the range includes seven sizes and comes in a multitude of colours with other special editions released across the years. .

But Smeg isn't all about the retro fridge, despite what people think. If you want something more understated, then perhaps one of the sleek, stainless steel models from such as the FQ60X2PEAI, is more for you. This model’s design is timeless and would work beautifully alongside other kitchen styles and colour schemes – and with a built in water dispenser and automatic ice cube maker, who wouldn’t want one of these?!


Smeg appliances are revered for innovative design, something we’ve bought to some of our collaborations with iconic brands. Inspired by the universally known Fiat 500 hatchback, the Smeg500 is one example of this and a real labour of love. The unique cooler is made from original Fiat 500 parts with working lights and switches for the extra wow factor. Available in a variety of bright colourways, the Smeg500 is a memorable addition to any bar, restaurant or the home of Italian retro lovers. Alternatively, for the fashion followers in the world, our recent collaboration with Dolce and Gabbana has taken the iconic 50’s style fridge and given it a very stylish new dress. Each fridge is one-of-a-kind and features images hand painted by Sicilian artists. Here the fridge is more than something to cool your food and drink – it becomes a piece of art, an Italian masterpiece.