New energy label

Find out more about the new energy labels for washing machines, washer dryers, dishwashers and cooling appliances as of the 1st March 2021.

The EU energy label was first introduced back in 1995. It was designed to provide accurate, recognisable and comparable information on domestic household products regarding energy consumption and is considered one of the drivers of technological progress in appliances. It is a legal requirement to display this label on the appliance, in retail outlets and on any websites.

Over the years, continued improvements in energy saving technology have elevated large household appliances to the top of the rating scale, between A to A+++ , however this is limiting any further advances in technology. 

In order to allow for this, the space between these energy ratings must be rescaled and this has resulted in a new energy label with new measurement criteria in place.
The new energy label will ensure plenty of space within the industry for development and allow customers to compare products much more easily.

What is changing?

The biggest change is that the current efficiency rating bands have been rescaled and revert to a simple A-G scaling, with no plusses. 
A+++/A+ will no longer exist.

Other common changes are: 

  • QR-Code linking to a data base, accessing product’s specifications.

  • Energy consumption of the model more prominently placed in middle of the label.

  • Noise ratings from A-D for all products.

  • Pictograms changes. Some remain the same whilst some are new or have been revised to reflect new testing or measurement methods.  

Which products are affected?

This update effects only the following product categories:

Examples of the new energy label are illustrated on the right.

No other product categories will be changing to the new energy label at this point.

When do the changes come into affect?

From the 1st November 2020 customers and retailers will find the new label (together with the current label) included in the box. This is a legal requirement.
The new label does not need to be displayed yet, but should be kept by ready for use on 1st March 2021 when only new labels must be displayed instore and online.

1st November 2020

Old and new energy labels will be supplied in the box.


1st March 2021

Only new labels will be supplied to customers, displayed instore and online.