NEW 150cm OPERA A5 cooker

Recently received a complete overhaul, Smeg's largest cooker, the Opera A5, which stands at a metre and a half wide, features new eclipse black glass doors and touch control clock displays.

The Opera range offers truly aspirational cookers designed for serious cooks, modern in their design with clean and elegant styling, ergonomic lever shaped controls and robust handles. All are crafted with minute attention to detail and by using 18/10 stainless steel ensure long lasting and excellent results.

The biggest model in the range with a whopping 150cm width, the A5, Smeg’s flagship cooker, has now been restyled, following in the footsteps of the A1 and A3’s. Aesthetic changes include new eclipse black door glass which appears black when switched off but when lit during cooking, becomes translucent ensuring perfect visibility of the interior, two programmable clock displays with touch controls replace the historic circular clocks and an improved energy rating of AA.

With its undoubtably large presence in the kitchen, the A5-81 highly impressive stature quickly becomes the focal point of the room whilst providing the perfect platform to show off your culinary skills to family and friends! Apart from needing plenty of space to house this remarkable cooker, a real passion for cooking is essential to truly appreciate its potential to the fullest.

With a huge selection of gas burners including a large fish burner and electric griddle, perfect for searing steak, it is possible to cook several dishes at once with ease. Add to that the enormous 131 litres (net)/160 litres (gross), combined oven capacity, the A5-81 has all the space you could ever need for your Christmas turkey and trimmings! Finally, store away all the pots and pans after cooking in the large convenient storage drawer.

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Cooker, 150x60 cm, Classic, Opera, Stainless steel, Hob type: Gas, Type of main oven: Thermo-ventilated, Type of second oven: Thermo-ventilated, A, A
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NEW 150cm OPERA A5 cooker