Streamline your kitchen with a Smeg Ceiling hood

A hood is an important appliance within the kitchen, responsible for extracting all of the steam, moisture, heat, smoke, grease and any nasty odours whilst cooking. It is the best way to help keep your kitchen clean from grease build up and the air indoors as fresh as possible.
Hoods come in many styles from traditional chimneys to disappearing downdrafts, there are even hoods that are built into the hob itself. 

One hood trend that is becoming increasingly popular is the Ceiling hood. As they are installed to be flush with your ceiling, these stylish hoods are the perfect choice for design-lead homeowners who dream of the ultimate streamlined kitchen. They provide an elegant space saving solution in any kitchen and are much less intrusive than conventional hoods. They are a great option if you have limited headroom or just want to leave your kitchen open and clear. 
Love the idea of an open-plan kitchen/dining area? By installing a ceiling hood above an island unit you can create a space for entertaining that is sure to bring the family together, not to mention creating that all-important 'wow' factor in your kitchen.

Smeg ceiling hoods

The new range of ceiling hoods are available in 120cm or 90cm widths and come in a choice of brushed stainless steel or white.

Eco-friendly Lighting

Two energy efficient LED light strips offer outstanding illumination to the cooking area below. 

Powerful extraction

With a 270W motor and 3 extraction speeds, these hoods are extremely powerful. There is also an intensive speed which can be used to quickly remove strong smells so whether you're frying fish or a preparing an aromatic curry, your kitchen will be odour free in no time.

Quiet operation

These hoods are quieter than most with a 51db noise level (90cm version)

Hidden filters

The anti-grease filters are hidden from view thanks to the perimeter extraction panels. By hiding the filters, the lines of the hood stay smooth and continuous. Extracted air passes through the openings removing unwanted odours, steam and grease more effectively.

Control at your fingertips

A remote control allows you to easily change the settings of the hood, even from across the dining room!

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Hood, Ceiling Cooker Hoods, Universal, Matte White, 120 cm, C
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Hood, Ceiling Cooker Hoods, Universal, Stainless steel, 120 cm, C
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