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Endless preparation possibilities

Smeg's high-performance blender BLC can perfectly combine different textures, allowing you to blend ingredients for a wide variety of preparations thanks to the dedicated automatic programs: Smoothie for creamy fruit juice or yoghurt, Green Smoothie for specific treatment of green leafy vegetables, Frozen Dessert for fresh spoon desserts and Ice Crush for crushing ice or preparing refreshing cocktails and iced drinks. 

In addition, Smeg BLC is also perfect for preparing flour, butter, creams, nut milk and much more!

Performance and efficiency

Thanks to the LCD display on the control knob showing, it is possible to view the selected speed, the count-up in manual mode and the count-down in automatic programmes.

This versatile and efficient appliance also comes with the Single and Family serve modes to customize the quantities according to your personal usage and preferences and the Pulse function to perfectly check the duration and the frequency of the blending customised textures and preparations.

Finally, the Autoclean pre-set program cleans the jug after every use and facilitates the preparation in a sequence of different recipes.

The vacuum pump

The vacuum pump accessory removes air from the jug to avoid contact with the ingredients and reduce oxidation, keeping nutrients and obtaining brighter colours, tastier flavours, and smoother textures.

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A practical set of accessories completes the product, making it even easier to use. The press can be used to convey ingredients into the central cutting area, which is ideal for thicker dishes such as dried fruit butter or cold desserts; the spatula aids in the collecting of food residues inside the jug. Finally, the supplied brush can be used to gently remove any food residues from the blade area.


Category: Food Preparation
Product Family: Blenders
EAN code: 8017709334567
Type: High performance blender


Colour: White
Finishing: Matt
Aesthetics: Collection
Front panel material: Aluminum
Front panel finishing: Brushed with polished edge
Body material: Plastic
Jug material with lid and measuring cap: Tritan™Renew
Button material: Plastic
Knob display material: Plastic
Jug collar material: Soft-touch plastic
Jug collar colour: Dark grey
Knob ring material: Aluminium
Frontal panel material: Aluminum
Cable colour: White

Programs / Functions

Speeds: 9
Pre-set programs: 5 (Smoothie, Green Smoothie, Frozen Dessert, Auto-clean)
Single/Family mode: Yes (only with Smoothie, Green Smoothie, Frozen Dessert)
Pause function: Yes
Pulse function: Yes
Timer Count Up: Yes (in Manual mode)
Timer Count Down: Yes (with pre-set programs)


Display: Yes
ON/OFF button: Yes
Type of controls: Buttons, control knobs

Technical Features

Safety motor block: Yes
Max spin: 22000 rpm
Motor with Smooth Start function: Yes
Blade group material: Stainless steel
Blade group not removable: Yes
Measuring cup/lid: Yes (max. 30 ml)
Dishwasher safe jug: Yes
Jug capacity: 1.5lt / 6 cups
Antislip base: Yes

Electrical Connection

Voltage: 220-240 V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power: 1400 W
Power supply cable length: 1 m

Logistic Information

Product dimensions: 421x168x225 mm
Gross weight (kg): 9.000 kg
Height: 421 mm
Packed width: 315 mm
Packaged depth: 285 mm
Height (mm) packed: 503 mm
Depth: 225 mm
Width: 168 mm
Net weight (kg): 6.600 kg
Dimensions of the packed product (mm): 503X315X285
Type of packaging: Cardboard
Packaging composition - paper & cardboard (kg): 1.970 kg
Packaging composition - polystyrene (kg): 0.000 kg
Packaging composition - wood (kg): 0.000 kg
Packaging composition - plastic (kg): 0.056 kg

Accessories Included

Tamper: Yes
Cleaning brush: Yes
Spatula: Yes
Vacuum pump: Yes

Instruction manual

Product sheet


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