Vacumeerlade Lade Linea Esthetisch CPV115S

15 cm
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Familie: Lade
Type: Vacumeerlade
Nishoogte: 15 cm
Vitality system: Ja
EAN code: 8017709260590


Kleur: Zilver
Afwerking: Zilver
Esthetiek: Linea
Materiaal: Glas

Programma's / functies

The vacuum in container function guarantees to create vacuum into glass or plastic containers choosing among three different levels. Use only certificate containers suitable for vacuum and able to resist to a 99,9% vacuum. The vacuum in bag function guarantees to create vacuum into bags choosing among three levels. It is also possible to set the 0 level to seal the bag without creating the vacuum. The Chef function alternates compression and decompression cycles and speeds up some operations, such as marinade or infusion, that otherwise would require a lot of time. The machine can be set at three different sealing levels. Setting the maximum level is possible to seal more bags at the same time with a unique cycle.
Cyclus vacuüm in container: Yes, 3 levels (delicate, medium, strong)
Cyclus vacuüm in zakjes: Yes, 3 levels (delicate, preservation, sous vide)
Chef functie: Yes, marinade and infusion
Sealen/sluiten: Yes, 3 levels (delicate, medium, strong, depending on the kind of bag used)


Type bediening: Touch control

Technische specificaties

Vacuümzakken. Deze zakken zijn bestand tegen temperaturen van -25 ° C tot 70 ° C (gedurende 2 uur) of 100 ° C (gedurende 15 minuten). Geschikt voor voorraadkasten, koelkasten en vriezers, ze kunnen niet worden gebruikt voor vacuümkoken. Sous-vide cooking bags. These bags endure a maximum temperature of 85°C (for 75 hours), 100°C (for 4 hours) or 121°C (for 30 minutes). Suitable for pantry and refrigerator storage, they cannot be storage in the freezer. The stabilization device maintains the drawer open when used, avoiding closing it accidentally. The vacuum sensor guarantees the achievement of the maximum vacuum connected to the level set. If the value is not reached, the bag is not sealed. The machine carries out a double phase welding which guarantees to seal dirty and oily bags as well. Setting the highest vacuum in bag/container level, it is reached a 99,9% vacuum.
Capaciteit: 6,5 l
Openmechanisme: Push-pull
Materiaal onderkant: Stainless steel 304
Materiaal deksel: Gehard glas met frame
Deksel opening: 65° +/- 3°
Apparaat stabilisatie: Ja
Max. uitsteek lade: 453 +/- 2 mm
Max. toegestaan gewicht: 15 kg
Max. vulgewicht lade: 48 kg
Pump flow: 4 m³/h
Veiligheidsmagneetventiel anti olie reflux: Ja
Ontvochtigings pompcyclus: Ja, automatisch
Enabling vacuum bar lenght: 260 mm
Removable enabling vacuum bar: Ja
Type lassen: Double-phase
Duur van de conserveringscyclus: 1' - 1'20''
Te bereiken vacuüm: 2-10 millibar (99,9%)
Vacuüm sensor: Yes, accuracy 10 mbar
Inbegrepen accessoires: 20x30 V-bags, 25x35 V-Bags

Elektrische aansluiting

Nominale aansluitwaarde: 240 W
Stroom: 1 A
Spanning (V): 220-240 V
Frequentie (Hz): 50-60 Hz

Logistieke informatie

Breedte product: 597 mm
Diepte product: 570 mm
Netto gewicht: 29.000 kg
Bruto gewicht: 32.000 kg
Hoogte product: 135 mm
Afmetingen product: 135x597x570
Breedte verpakt product: 700 mm
Diepte verpakt product: 700 mm
Hoogte verpakt product: 230 mm
Afmetingen verpakt product: 230X700X700
Maximale stapelhoogte: 8
Verpakking: Karton
Samenstelling verpakking - papier en karton (kg): 2.217 kg
Samenstelling verpakking - piepschuim (kg): 0.788 kg
Samenstelling verpakking - hout (kg): 0.000 kg
Samenstelling verpakking - plastic (kg): 0.048 kg



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