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Retro Refrigeration

Special Edition FABs

If retro styling isn't special enough on its own - FAB Special Editions, true one-of-a-kind products

Beginning in 2004, SMEG's famous FAB line of retro-style refrigerators has been expanding beyond simple colors into patriotic and proud flag patterns.  In North America, a trio of flags are represented.

  • The British Union Flag, more-commonly called the "Union Jack," joined the line for its unique and ever-popular vexillological pattern, frequently thought of in-conjunction with memories of 1950s and 1960s beatnik-and-Beatle-infused "Swinging London," the perfectly-fab association for SMEG's FAB refrigerator.
  • The Italian "Il Tricolore" FAB flag pattern, the flag of the modern Italian Republic, speaks to SMEG's own Italian roots, and embrace of "Made in Italy" style.
  • And finally, the Stars and Stripes themselves, the American flag, is represented in its own special flag pattern FAB, a tip of the hat to SMEG USA's adoptive home in the United States, and the long friendship and cultural exchange between the US and Italy that first brought SMEG to these shores.

Disney’s Mickey Mouse, beloved character and mascot to children and adults for generations, has joined forces with SMEG to produce a Special Edition FAB model celebrating over 90 years of the iconic mouse with an irresistible, new, original design.  The familiar lines of a FAB28 refrigerator are adorned with Mickey himself, playfully attempting to reach the handle of the fridge.  Commissioned exclusively for use by SMEG, this refrigerator features a unique silver plaque with the classic Disney signature wordmark certifying its authenticity.  Inside are the usual FAB28 features, including adjustable glass shelves, chromed detailing, a fruit and vegetable drawer, and an ice box.  The innovative technology found at the heart of this appliance guarantees maximum performance and efficiency, and includes Energy Star®-certification, a Multiflow cooling system, a Life-Plus Zone temperature-control drawer, and two LED lighting strips. Whether you are feeling nostalgic, are a dedicated Disney fan, or just want a fridge that will always be in-fashion, no matter the year, the Mickey Mouse Special Edition FAB28 is sure to add a little magic to your home.

In collaboration with Dolce&Gabbana, in 2019, SMEG launched the Divina Cucina collection as the follow-up to 2016's Frigorifero d'Arte Dolce&Gabbana collaboration.  The new large appliance line, which features reproductions of elevated hand-painted art on SMEG classics, creating a new class of home appliances centered on creativity, art, and design.  The two FAB28s in the Special Edition line tell a story of Italian history, culture, cuisine, and beauty, through authentically-Sicilian-style illustrations.  First, an homage to the art of Sicilian puppet theatre, the Carretto refrigerator, using fiery reds and oranges.  Second, the Majolica style of Caltagirone, with images of Mount Etna and the Valley of the Temples in Sicily, in shades of blue and white.

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