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Cooking with Smeg; recipes

Certain ingredients, flavours and foods have always represented the very essence of the places from which they originate. This is certainly true for the region in which Smeg's head office is located, lying between Emilia and the province of Mantua, where the love of cooking has invariably played an integral part throughout history.

In fact, this passion for good food and knowledge of the culinary arts has inspired the creation of Smeg's range of household appliances boasting functions that keen food enthusiasts would be proud of. Passed down through generations, Smeg's gallery of recipes offer a sensory overload!  You'll find a variety of easy to follow authentic Italian recipes and inspired dishes from around the world for every course including starter, main or dessert.

Why not try your hand at one or two recipes, experimenting with your Smeg appliance's unique features and functions to help create great tasting dishes? Smeg has devised the following selection of recipes which will delight even the most refined palette.


Stand mixer recipes

Whether you're an aspiring chef or a budding home baker, Smeg's robust stand mixer is a great tool for getting creative in the kitchen.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at our collection of recipes perfectly created using a Smeg stand mixer.

Remember, we also offer a wide range of accessories to really get the most our of your mixer. 

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Blender recipes

The perfect tool for preparing a breakfast fruit and yoghurt smoothie, a after-workout superjuice, or to prepare a quick lunchtime soup, the powerful Smeg can blend ingredients in seconds, to accompany you throughout the day.

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Juicer recipes

Smeg slow juicers extracts juice via the cold-press method, producing totally fresh, concentrated juice with the zinging colours and smells of the original ingredients, perfect for fruit and vegetable juices.


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Oven recipes

Ovens are perfect for cooking a multitude of dishes, from tender meats to batch baking cookies. It is however easy to become complacent with your dishes as the oven does all the hard work for you so if you're looking to experiment, why not take a look at our recipes section and get those create ideas flowing.

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