Smarter cooking with Area Induction Hobs

Induction is still the most popular hob choice when considering speed, cooking performance and safety. The refined and minimalist look of the hob also enhances its appeal as it can be seamlessly integrated into any kitchen style. Already offering a wide range of Induction hobs in various colours, sizes and layouts, some with flexible cooking zones, Smeg are taking flexibility even further with the introduction of AREA Induction hobs, the smarter way to cook.

The Area Vivo Screen Max SIA1963D and SIA1963DS induction hobs are the perfect solution for those searching for maximum freedom and flexibility of use, with the possibility of using up to six pots of different sizes. Available in Black and Silver, these Area induction hobs co-ordinate particularly well with Smeg's Dolce Stil Novo and Linea kitchen appliances.


Equipped with a Glassy ceramic glass surface with screen printing under the glass, the hobs have a much greater brightness than traditional induction glasses and are totally smooth, for silent, easy movement of the pots and of course easy cleaning.


Not only do they offer an attractive design, these hobs are equipped with innovative technologies that adapt to your needs.

The high resolution 7 '' TFT controls offer a wide range of customisable functions. The colourful display shows the position, size and shape of the pan for simple and intuitive control whilst the Follow Pot function allows you to freely move pans across the hob while maintaining the initial settings, without having to stick to pre-set cooking areas.

The Auto-pot detection function is also designed to automatically recognise the position of the pots on the hob, so you don’t have to activate the correct area.


In addition to traditional cooking functions, these hobs are equipped with independent timers and dedicated functions for maximum control, including the ability to melt ingredients at 44°C, keep ingredients warm at 70°C and a boil function at 92°C.

Area induction hobs are also equipped with an Eco-Logic Advance system which allows you to moderate the hobs power up to 2400W and customise the setting parameters to meet your individual needs, ensuring maximum flexibility of use.

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Hob, Aesthetics: Universal, Induction, 90 cm, Built-in: Ultra-low profile or Fully Flushed
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Hob, Aesthetics: Linea, Induction, 90 cm, Built-in: Ultra-low profile or Fully Flushed
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