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Wine pleasure: everyday luxury

Smeg wine coolers are the perfect solution for wine enthousiasts (and not only): at home technology and professional quality.


Whether it comes from the Langhe or Franciacorta, Valtellina or Emilia, whether they are Superwhites or full-bodied reds, to fully enjoy a good bottle of wine you need to keep an eye on many aspects, starting with the correct method of storage. This is why Smeg has developed cellars that are the perfect combination of technology and design and guarantee constant monitoring of humidity, light, temperature and bottle stability.


The range between 8 ° and 16 ° C is ideal for proper storage and aging of wine.


To inhibit the natural oxidation process of wine, humidity must be kept between 60 and 80%.


Light and UV rays can alter the organoleptic structure of wine. This is why storage in protected environments is recommended.


Even the smallest vibrations can have a negative effect on the wine: it is therefore essential to preserve the stability of the bottle as much as possible.


Elegance and technology are the distinctive features of the Smeg cellars: a drawer in Slavonian oak contains all the basic accessories of great sommeliers. A corkscrew, the wine-saving pump and the drip ring. The tongs for uncorking the sparkling wine, corks for different wines and bottles, a funnel and the thermometer in its case.

The elegant and minimal design of the cellars, with black eclipse or silverstopsol glass,
built-in or free-standing, it is in perfect harmony with all Smeg kitchens. Thanks to the touch controls, the wi-fi connection and the Smeg Connect revolution, everything is simpler and more intuitive, every day and on special occasions.



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