Cooking with Smeg

Green goals: plant-powered New Year

Discover Smeg's vegan recipes to support your healthies New Year's resolutions.
New year, new challenge: a new vibrant plant-based lifestyle

Packed with essential nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants, a plant-based diet not only improves health and boosts immune system, but it also fuels sustainability.
New year's resolutions are greener than ever

A plant-based diet can reduce carbon footprint significantly.
This year take direct action, starting with daily habits.
Take the chance to explore new flavours and discover new culinary perspectives.

Discover Smeg selection of 100% vegan dishes and preparations, entirely zero waste, coinceved to be as sustainable as tasty!
Enjoy a new way of cooking and why not include it in your daily life all year long.
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Irresistible, even on their own

All the flavour of nature in simple preparations, ideal either as appetizers, side, dishes, or ingredients for other recipes.
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Tasty combinations

Complete main dishes with all the nutrients you need to make the best of the day.
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Sweet conclusion

And to end on a high note, dessert cannot be missed. Swetness has never been so healthy.
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