Kitchen sink Undermount built-in Universale Aesthetic VZUM3434N

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Composite sink
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Product Family: Sink
Type: Composite sink
Sink material: Composite
Sink dimensions: 76 cm
No. of bowls: 2
EAN code: 8017709213640


Under table top installation: The sink is fixed under tabletop, which extends the work surface and the depth of the sink.
Aesthetics: Universale
Serie: Quadra
Color: Black
Tap hole / precut tap hole: No Taphole
Building in type: Undermount

Technical Features

Antibacterial Antiscratch Termal schock resistant High temperatures resistant Impact resistant Easy to clean UV protection, does not fade over time. Cupboard width required for sink installation
Width (mm): 760 mm
Frame depth (mm): 14
Undermount cutout radius: 5 mm
Cutout dimension undermount (mm): 720 x 395 mm
Tap hole diameter: 35 mm
Dividing wall width: 34 mm
No. of clips: 6
Type of clips: Undermount clip
Characteristics of composite material: Antibacterial, Anti-scratch , Termal schock resistant, High temperatures resistant, Impact resistant, Easy to clean, UV Resistant
Base unit size: 80 cm

RH Bowl

Sink depth - depending on the model, the depth can be from13 to 24,5
Bowl type RH: Minimum radius
Bowl dimensions, WxDxH (mm): 343 x 395 x 220 mm
Bowl depth (mm): 220 mm
Radius corner right bowl (mm): 5 mm
Strainer position: Wall position
Strainer dimension: 3.5"

LH Bowl

Sink depth - depending on the model, the depth can be from13 to 24,5
Bowl type LH: Minimum radius
Bowl dimensions LH, WxDxA (mm): 343 x 395 x 220 mm
LH Bowl depth (mm): 220 mm
Radius corner left bowl: 5 mm
Overflow LH bowl: Yes, traditional
Strainer position LH bowl: Side bowl
Strainer dimension LH bowl: 3.5"

Logistic Information

Dimensions of the product (mm): 235x760x435 mm
Net weight (kg): 10.900 kg
Gross weight (kg): 13.820 kg

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